Anchor Bay School District

Mission Statement

Anchor Bay Schools, in partnership with the community, will produce lifelong learners who respect diversity, adapt to change, and function as responsible citizens.

Picture of Maconce Elementary

Maconce Elementary

6300 Church Rd
Ira, MI 48023
(586) 725-0284
(586) 725-2037 Fax

Principal: Sherri Milton-Hoffman
Office Manager: Debra Kolomjec
Data Paraprofessional: Annette Jagoda

Mission Statement

Francois Maconce Elementary School, in partnership with the community, will provide a learning environment by delivering quality instruction that promotes curiosity, creativity and the desire in students to reach their full potential.

School Times

Standard Day: 8:36AM—3:32PM
Half Day: 8:36AM—12:06PM


5th Grade Honor's Band


June 2015 Honor Roll

Fourth Grade: Alexis Alcott, Yasmeen Alfakir, Mariana Alfaro, Gabriella Azar, Isaac Basye, Hunter Berend, Madison Bolinger, Seth Buchanan, Lillian Carbon, Ava Derenge, Olivia Dubrawski, Damian Enright, Alexandria Green, Zoe Hodgkin, Ethan Hogsett, Antonio Huante, Julius Humes, Brooke Kuczewski, Riley Maxwell, Andrew Reschke, Joshua Rivard, Alex Sanchez, Connor Schutt and Ethan Vong

Fifth Grade: Chance Allen, Ryan Amato, Serena Arnold, Keegan Balcerzak, Lucas Battice, Jonathon Cooley, Garett Derenge, Katie DeVoll, Brian Einowski, Madison Flonta, Gavyn Geck, Mackenzie Gerdes, Kayla Havey, Anastacia Head, Styles Hucul, Aurielle Humes, Anthony Jones, Alyson LaPlante, Ben Light, Ashley Ortenburg, Cameron Plante, Ashley Roemer, Zachary Scratch, Brooke Soulliere, Dominic Thomas and Darrius Wright.


Maconce was featured in "First Hand News" for a sucessful universal breakfast. To read the article click here.

Michigan Department of Education Certificate
"High Progress School"

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Parent and School Connections

The State of Michigan Standards Link. The link below will take you to the standards page of the Michigan Career and College Ready site. The purpose of this portal is to connect resources and tools that can assist educators and parents in helping students graduate Career- and College- Ready. Within this link, you will find all of the national Common Core Standards for ELA and Math and each Grade Level Content Standard from the State of Michigan for Science, Social Studies, Arts, Physical Education and Technology.

Maconce PTO

We are proud of our school and its commitment to our children's total educational experience. We extend an open invitation to you and your families to participate and share in the many functions and special activities that we have each year.


Upper Elementary-Mr. Gennrich 3rd Grade
Lower Elementary-Mrs. Griffin 2nd Grade

A popcorn party and extra recess to be provided by the PTO to the winners at the Teachers convenience.


Maconce Recycling Center

Maconce is a Green School! We are recycling and keeping our Earth healthy. There is a Recycling Center in our school. It is located by our Library in the hallway. If you have batteries (not car batteries), old broken crayons, printer cartridges, or glue sticks and/or bottles, please bring them in and deposit them in our Recycle Center! It's Lorax Theme and promotes a Healthy Earth! We want to continue to be a Michigan Green School. If you still get a paper copy of any newsletters and you have an email address, please consider letting us email you a copy to conserve paper and ink.
Happy Recycling!